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First quarterly review of monetary policy 2010-11

Highlights of the policy RBI Governor, Dr D V Subbarao announced the first quarterly review of monetary policy today. The measures taken were quite on the expected lines (Read our article on monetary policy expectations). Benchmark Repo rates hiked by 25 bps to 5.75% with immediate effect.   Benchmark Reverse Repo rates hiked by 50 […]

Bond market/ G-Sec update

Yields on Government securities rose to the highest level in two weeks following the mid-term 25 bps rate hike by RBI on last Friday. Benchmark 10 year bond, 7.80% 2020 security rose 8 bps to 7.64% from 7.56% close of last week. As expected, yields opened stronger on Monday, but later were dragged down due […]

Bond market/ G-Sec update

After a hefty 8 bps points jump on Friday of last week due to decision to free up fuel price (read MB update here), G-sec markets opened the week on a strong note. Announcement by RBI that the borrowing amount for the week will be at the reduced levels kept the sentiments up. Yields on benchmark […]

Weekly G-Sec update:June19, 2010

  High inflation released on Monday set the tone for the week. As expected, with the release of inflation above 10% mark, yields on benchmark 7.80% 2020 bond rose 8 bps to close at 7.69% on Monday under fears that RBI might be forced to raise rates to tame inflation. Rates also rose after comments […]

Weekly G-Sec update:June 12, 2010

  After trading in a range last week, yields on benchmark 10 year bond, 7.80% 2020 bond steadily rose 9 bps for the week to close at 7.61% for the week. Surge in yields was driven by tight liquidity conditions. On all days of the week, we saw Repo window being active. Daily average of the combined […]

Banking terms explained

Friends, in many of the posts on this website, our analysts have used terms like repo rate, reverse repo rate and host of other ratios which might not be easily comprehensible to many of us. I have been receiving some queries regarding them as well. So here goes my small bit on few of these […]

RBI Monetary Policy 2010

Monetary Policy Predictions Finally the D-day is here..the day when RBI Governor Dr.D Subbarao will announce the monetary policy putting (or rather saying probably putting) an end to the much speculated move of RBI..will it hike the rates, which rate will be hiked and how much..before RBI announces the rates here is MoneyBol’s take on […]

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