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Case for a 50 basis points on May 3??

“Sakhi saiyan to khub hi kamat hai…..mehngai daayan maare jaat hai….” goes a number from a popular bollywood flick and rightly so atleast for RBI. Since the last 15 months or so…RBI has been trying to battle the rising inflation by raising rates (What are policy rates?) eight times since March last year. However inflation, now […]

RBI Monetary policy January 2011

Monetary policy announcements by RBI after every 45 days seems to have become a must watch event for all the market participants in all the asset classes. I will leave the issue of importance of monetary policy for a future article and in this article would express my views on RBI’s announcements on January 25, […]

Rates raised at RBI’s first mid-quarter review

RBI released its first mid-quarter review of monetary policy today and it did not surprise on any front. As expected rates have been raised and LAF corridor has been further shrunk to 100 bps. Highlights of the mid-quarter review released on September 16, 2010 Repo Rate hiked by 25 bps to 6%, with immediate effect […]

July Inflation just under double digits @9.97%

The WPI for the month of July’10 stood at 9.97% compared to the previous month’s figure of 10.55%. It registered a growth of -0.54% in July’09 on a y-o-y basis . The inflation figures this month is the lowest in the past six months. They just managed to miss the double-digit by few marks. The […]

First quarterly review of monetary policy 2010-11

Highlights of the policy RBI Governor, Dr D V Subbarao announced the first quarterly review of monetary policy today. The measures taken were quite on the expected lines (Read our article on monetary policy expectations). Benchmark Repo rates hiked by 25 bps to 5.75% with immediate effect.   Benchmark Reverse Repo rates hiked by 50 […]

RBI likely to raise rates in todays monetary policy review

RBI is going to announce the First quarterly review of monetary policy in some time and unlike last time, expectations are quite clear this time. Last time, in April, analysts were divided in opinions about a 25 bps hike or a 50 bps hike or no action by RBI. But this time, analysts are almost […]

RBI raises rates again

As predicted by our analyst Rahul Sonthalia (click here to read) and myself (click here to read) in our earlier articles, RBI has raised the policy rates almost a month before the scheduled 1st quarterly review of monetary policy due at the end of July. In an after market hour announcement today, RBI raised the repo […]

July Could be Jittery For the Markets

The month of July can cause real jitters for the Indian stock market and the party could end. Most of the top economists and market gurus have started saying that the year 2010 could be a mixture of two halves, the first half ending on a positive note and the second half leading to a […]

Annual Monetary policy 2010 – Highlights

RBI Governor Dr D Subbarao announced the annual monetary policy on Tuesday. RBI seems to have taken a more dovish stance than expected. Many analysts and market participants had expected a 50 bps hike in the policy rates. As expected, RBI took cognizance of the fact that inflation seems to be moderating and has opted […]

RBI Monetary Policy 2010

Monetary Policy Predictions Finally the D-day is here..the day when RBI Governor Dr.D Subbarao will announce the monetary policy putting (or rather saying probably putting) an end to the much speculated move of RBI..will it hike the rates, which rate will be hiked and how much..before RBI announces the rates here is MoneyBol’s take on […]

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