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Developing Countries are Better – World Bank

World Bank issued a report  on September 28, encrypted in a book called ‘ The day after Tomorrow – A handbook on the future of economic policy in the developing world. The report tracks the progress of the developing countries and shows how they are becoming a new engine of global growth and a pulling […]

European Systemic Risk Board for better supervision

The European central bank’s (ECB) President Jean-Claude Trichet, delivered a speech today in which he said that the central bank will continue its open and transparent debate with the main stakeholders concerned with economic and financial policies related to their competences. This speech apart from addressing many national initiatives to implement macroprudential supervision was important […]

Rates raised at RBI’s first mid-quarter review

RBI released its first mid-quarter review of monetary policy today and it did not surprise on any front. As expected rates have been raised and LAF corridor has been further shrunk to 100 bps. Highlights of the mid-quarter review released on September 16, 2010 Repo Rate hiked by 25 bps to 6%, with immediate effect […]

New WPI pleases all, inflation eases to 8.5%

The WPI for the month of August 2010 stood at 8.5% compared to 9.78 in the previous month. The figure moved less compared to the market expectations which hovered around 9.5%. The above figure is based on the new WPI series in which the base year has been changed from 1993-94 to 2004-05 as the […]

Industrial porduction @ 13.8% beats market expectations

 The IIP rose 13.8%, at the fastest pace since April compared to the previous month’s growth of 5.76% (revised). The production index registered a growth of 7.2% on a y-o-y basis. The released figure was much above the market expectations and nearly double the analyst’s forecast of 7.7% and also higher than the previous month’s […]

Indian GDP grows at 8.8% in Q1 FY 2010-11

India’s first quarter GDP grew by 8.8% q-o-q compared to the previous quarter’s 8.6%. The growth was nearly a three year high and was almost in line with the market expectations. The impressive figures were due to robust growth in the manufacturing and farm output which recorded decent growth-rates According to the deputy chairman of […]

India Expansion of Ports Critical for Continued Economic Growth

Bloomberg recently reported on the Indian government’s aims to triple its port capacity in the next ten years. While India’s economy is strong–being the third largest in all of Asia–the country has reached a critical point where it must expand its infrastructure to keep up with its economic output. In a recent interview, Indian Secretary […]

July Inflation just under double digits @9.97%

The WPI for the month of July’10 stood at 9.97% compared to the previous month’s figure of 10.55%. It registered a growth of -0.54% in July’09 on a y-o-y basis . The inflation figures this month is the lowest in the past six months. They just managed to miss the double-digit by few marks. The […]

Industrial Production rises 7.1% in June’2010

  The IIP expanded at 7.1%, the slowest pace in 13 months compared to the previous month’s growth of 11.35% (revised). The production index registered a growth of 8.3% on a y-o-y basis The IIP was almost in line with the expectations. The market was neutral to the data release and the benchmark equity indices […]

First quarterly review of monetary policy 2010-11

Highlights of the policy RBI Governor, Dr D V Subbarao announced the first quarterly review of monetary policy today. The measures taken were quite on the expected lines (Read our article on monetary policy expectations). Benchmark Repo rates hiked by 25 bps to 5.75% with immediate effect.   Benchmark Reverse Repo rates hiked by 50 […]

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