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Maharashtra Budget 2011

Generally it is the Union Budget presented by Finance Minister of India which creates a lot of furor in the securities markets. But this time around, there is a state budget which is causing market participants some panic in operations. It is the Maharashtra State Budget. Ajit Pawar, Finance Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of […]

Budget 2011- High expectations amid looming concerns

February 28, it is that date on the calendar which probably everyone, from politicians to CEOs to salaried class put a mark and make sure that they pay heed to one guy who has the potential to put a hole in your pocket. The guy is Finance minister and the event is The Union Budget. […]

Creating in-house financial shared service centre (SSC) for pharmaceutical companies

There are many pharma players right from drug manufacturers, medical specialists, wholesalers to retailers. Operational challenges are on top as demand for new drugs has become requirement of modern environment. Companies are struggling to stay profitable and finding the ways to review their processes from end to end in order to stay competitive and at […]

RBI Monetary policy January 2011

Monetary policy announcements by RBI after every 45 days seems to have become a must watch event for all the market participants in all the asset classes. I will leave the issue of importance of monetary policy for a future article and in this article would express my views on RBI’s announcements on January 25, […]

Understanding QE2: The Fed’s Quantitative Easement Plan and the Global Economy

Most of us are probably familiar with the recent talk regarding the Federal Reserve Bank’s latest move to jump start the ailing U.S. economy, dubbed QE2 by the press. Many political blogs reduce the plan to the simple act of printing more currency, which touches off emotional responses from all quarters, while other pundits bemoan […]

Reinventing the US- Shifting the paradigm to high work values

The 2008 crash caused a lot of soul searching among American experts, particularly economists. One famous academic was heard to say, “Everything I’ve been teaching, for all these years, was wrong.” A lot of businesses have also been re-assessing, and the state of the American job market is hardly a secret, with a new need […]

Some Strange Statistics and Deja vu….

I was going through the morning report published by Kredent Advisors and some very strange numbers I have come across which I would want to highlight. These numbers conflict each other to great extent and does not highlight to true recovery or may be highlights that the recovery is hollow. Over the year the crude […]

China – The new elephant on the block gets restless

If you have been following the financial world in the last few months, you are probably already aware that, along with other Asian countries like India, China is becoming one of the most important economies in the world. Forget about America and Europe; China is where the money goes these days. From property investment to […]

September inflation edges upto 8.6%

The WPI for the month of September 2010 stood at 8.62% compared to 8.5% in the previous month. The figure was almost in line with the market expectations which were pegged at around 8.5%. The central bank is sure to take the cues from these high figures in its monetary policy meeting scheduled on 2nd […]

August IIP plunges to 5.6%

The IIP figures plunged down to 5.6% and recorded one of the worst figures in the past one year with the exception of June’10 where it recorded a similar growth. It registered a growth of 10.4% on a y-o-y basis. The released data was very poor compared to the market expectations and half of Reuters’ […]

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