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RBI: Rates, Banks and Inflation

There could not have been a more opportune time for me to write this article. With every passing day since the last year, Dr Subbarao’s job is getting increasingly tougher. With inflation still keeping up against RBI and absence of significant structural actions on Government’s part to control inflation, options for policy actions with RBI […]

All about algorithmic trading

The new buzz word among the securities market enthusiasts is ALGORITHMS. Traders across the globe have been affected by the use of algorithms. Positively, if they are doing and obviously, on the negative side if they are not into it. Algo, or system trading (as is known by many in the market place) has been […]


I have generally observed that during a bear phase in the market, companies defer their fund raising plans. I was going through the IPO column of NSE and came across 3 companies. Two of them had already announced their plans however, one, SRS Limited’s IPO will open on August 23. I found this company a […]

Ban on Gender Discrimination Will Cost Women Dear?

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) recently ruled that from the 21st December 2012 it will be illegal for insurance companies to discriminate on the grounds of gender when calculating premiums for consumers in European countries. It is hoped that this will spell an end to the sky high car insurance premiums which are now […]

Trading as a Career

If you are considering a career in finance, as many fresh B.Com, BBA & MBA graduates do, and all you have found are placements in the Financial Services sector, then maybe you have not considered a very large area of finance – the Capital Market. Opportunities in core finance careers in the Capital market are […]

US Debt ceiling – What is it all about?

One of the most talked about news doing rounds in the world economy in the last month has been the US debt ceiling. US is the biggest economy of the world with $ 14.6 trillion of GDP. Nearest competitor China is at $ 5.8 trillion i.e less than half of that of USA. Still credit […]

Open Interest – Essential Trading Tool

Many a times you would have come across statements like “Open interest in XYZ increased 20 percent”, but not many of us are comfortable with the idea of Open interest and many others confuse the same with volume. I will try to clarify this concept through this article. First let me explain you, what is […]

Ten Credit Card Precautions You Must Take

A credit card is used to borrow money from the bank for a certain amount of time, and then pay it all back when you receive the statement or bill.  A credit card is precious, and much more so than carrying around money, because it is attached to both your personal and financial information. I have […]

Scams, corruption and WE….

There is an old adage from a Nana Patekar movie – Sau me assi be-imaan….fir bhi mera BHARAT mahaan Historically, there always has been much ado about corruption in the country and that sort of became a part of the life. But thanks to Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev and the recent media hype created on […]

Consolidating Debt – What are my Options?

Consolidating debts into one monthly payment can be done in various ways. To name three: Balance Transfer: Place all your credit card debts onto a 0% balance transfer credit card. After a certain period, balance transfer cards begin to charge interest again. Debt Consolidation Mortgage: Pay off all your debts by releasing equity in your […]

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